Our Mission & Vision

Georgian polyphony is the perfect expression of joy experienced by communion and sharing.

We want to let people around the world experience this joy of Georgian polyphonic singing by teaching them through online courses and/or taking them on musical tours around Georgia.

Background of the Georgian Polyphony project

The inspirer and the musical director of the project – online courses and musical tours – is Malkhaz Erkvanidze – ethnomusicologist, choirmaster, singer, and the doctor of social sciences in field of Georgian ethnomusicology.

The idea of this project evolved by his love and dedication to Georgian traditional music. His 35 years of experience in this field and the big circle of those interested in Georgian music, gave him the motivation and vision to spread and share this unique treasure to larger masses of people.

Throughout the 25 years, he has conducted numerous masterclasses, lectures and concerts in the United States and in different countries of Europe.

More importantly, since 2012 we have been organizing summer musical tours in Georgia, during which, besides visiting the picturesque places and cultural sights,  our guests can master Georgian music. So far, we have hosted more than two-hundred guests and to our delight, this number is growing from year to year. On the other hand, we provide online video courses, where participants can learn Georgian singing step by step, from any location  point of the world.